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Melissa Gohing tears up as she receives a Rolex from Rocco Nacino for her birthday

rocco nacino melissa gohing rolex

For Melissa Gohing's birthday, Rocco Nacino thought of surprising her with a fine watch from Rolex to symbolize his appreciation for all the hard work she has done for him and their son, Ezren.

On Instagram, the Kapuso actor shared a video of the exact moment he pulled the surprise.

In the video, Melissa carried Ezren as she awaited the surprise. Rocco asked her to close her eyes at first, and then when she blinked her eyes open, tada! The Rolex 1993 Daydate Two Tone with Diamonds and Date was in front of her, ready to be unboxed.

Melissa couldn't help but tear up as she told Rocco, "You don't have to buy anything."

"A reminder of the appreciation for [the] hard work you put in for me and [Ezren]," Rocco wrote in his post.

"We love you[,] mommy," he added with a red heart emoji. "Happy birthday!"

Rocco and Melissa tied the knot in January last year. They welcomed their firstborn, Ezren Rafaello, in October.

Rocco stars in the GMA afternoon series "The Missing Husband" with Yasmien Kurdi and Jak Roberto, among other celebrities.

— Hermes Joy Tunac / CACM, GMA integrated News