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If Carla Abellana and Beauty Gonzalez could try astral projection, who would they want to be?

If Carla Abellana and Beauty Gonzalez could try astral projection, who would they want to be?

Carla Abellana and Beauty Gonzalez learned about astral projection for their upcoming series “Stolen Life.”

Astral projection, also called astral travel, is the ability of a person’s spirit to leave their physical body to travel to distant places.

In "Stolen Life," Carla and Beauty get switched due to astral projection. But if they could try it in their real lives, who would Beauty and Carla want to be?

At the show’s grand media conference, Beauty chose three people, the first being Vilma Santos.

“I really admire her career, her showbiz career and then pano niya na-translate to pulitika 'yung pagiging showbiz niya—admirable," she said.

“And her family also, her kids are wonderful," she added.

Beauty’s next choice is the painter Frida Kahlo, because she is a fan of her unique art and courageous personality.

“Ang dami niyang nagawa in her time and hindi siya natatakot,” Beauty said.

Finally, Beauty would want to be Madonna.

“She’s a chameleon, she’s an innovator. She walks the talk, she’s a doer,” the actress said.

On the other hand, Carla said that she would want to be Katy Perry because she is a huge fan of the singer and is curious about her life.

“I feel like may times po kasi na hindi naman po sa nai-imagine ko 'yung sarili ko as her, pero nai-imagine ko lang 'yung [buhay] niya,” she said.

When asked to choose a local personality, the actress said, “Kung sino po 'yung presidente.”

Carla added, “Not necessarily yung current presidente, pwedeng past.

“Someone in power, parang ganung qualities,” she added. “Na-curious po ako parang anong nangyayari behind closed doors, anong usapan. And I guess lahat po tayo curious sa feeling of having that much power tsaka influence.”

Stolen Life” follows Lucy (Carla) who gets married to the wealthy and loving Darius (Gabby Concepcion). Meanwhile, Lucy’s cousin and Darius’ assistant Farrah (Beauty) experiences the total opposite and dreams of having Lucy’s life.

To get her dream life, Farrah uses astral projection to switch bodies with Lucy. Darrius sees the drastic changes in Lucy, whereas Lucy has to deal with the consequences of Farrah’s life.

Joining the cast are Celia Rodriguez, Anjo Damiles, Lovely Rivero, Divine Grace, and Patricia Ysabel, with the special participation of Marissa Ricketts.

“Stolen Life” premieres on November 13 on GMA Afternoon Prime at 3:20 p.m. —JCB, GMA Integrated News