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Anna Lakrini after becoming 2nd runner-up at Miss Globe 2023: 'Philippines, to carry your stories alongside me will always be my greatest honor'

Anna Lakrini Miss Globe 2023 2nd runner-up

Miss Globe 2023 2nd runner-up Anna Lakrini is one proud Filipina.

On Instagram following her win, the beauty queen said "Philippines, to carry your stories alongside me will always be my greatest honor."

In her Miss Globe journey, Anna admitted that she often asked herself if she was "doing enough to represent my country."

"And if I was truly the embodiment of an empowered Filipina," she added.

The Philippines is comprised of millions of people after all, she said, coming from different backgrounds, with a variety of experiences, a multitude of struggles and hopes, speaking nearly 200 dialects.

"It can be difficult to feel like you are a representative of every single one of them," Anna said.

It was her Miss Globe journey that allowed her to realize what brought all Filipinos together. "We all understand that there is a common goal: to truly LOVE THE PHILIPPINES. Love the people, culture, the beauty of our country, and the possibilities," she wrote.

"A true empowered Filipina is one who embraces our multicultural background, the many challenges our nation has gone through, and a national identity that is formed by hope for our future," Anna said.

She ended her note saying, "I am proud of my journey simply because I know that my Pinay spirit is stronger than ever.Here’s to continuing to showcase the bayanihan heart of our country to the entire global community."

"Your Miss Globe 2023 2nd Runner Up, Anna Valencia Lakrini," she signed it.

Anna took up the 2nd runner-up win at the Miss Globe coronation event in Albania.

In the preliminaries, Anna was named first runner-up at Miss Globe’s Miss Bikini competition for her black one-piece swimsuit with cut-out detailing. According to the Bb. Pilipinas organization, Anna received an "ALL-5 score" in the competition's first round. 

Anna was crowned Binibining Pilipinas Globe 2023 in May, where she also bagged the Best in Swimsuit award.



— LA, GMA Integrated News