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Small Laude's daughter Allison makes it to Japan after passport issue

Small Laude's daughter Allison makes it to Japan after passport issue

Small Laude’s daughter Allison was finally able to fly to Japan after issues with her passport.

The content creator and socialite posted an Instagram video of them meeting up in Tokyo.

“Finally! Allison made it to Tokyo!” Small said in her caption.

Prior to this, Small revealed in a now-viral Instagram Story that Allison was not allowed to board her family’s Philippine Airlines flight after presenting her temporary Canadian passport.

Small called out the airline in her caption. “My daughter got left behind because of PAL's wrong decision! [It’s] ruined our family vacation and it caused us so much [stress]. Allison was in tears leaving the airport going back to the house.”

She added, “The check-in manager said they called the Japanese Embassy that my daughter's Canadian temporary passport will not be allowed entry into Japan, but learned she did not call at all. We found out later it's allowed!!! PAL should be responsible with their decisions.”

Following this, PAL issued a statement.

“Philippine Airlines has apologized to passenger Allison Eduardo Laude for her non-acceptance on flight PR432 to Tokyo last December 26 due to the initial assessment on her temporary Canadian passport as travel document.”

Following this, the airline said they checked with Japan immigration authorities, which revealed that the temporary Canadian passport “was deemed acceptable for travel to Tokyo.”

PAL said, “Ms. Laude was able to fly to Tokyo the following day (December 27). She has been assured of the proper compensation for the inconvenience she experienced.”
“Internal actions are being carried out to prevent such occurrences in the future," they added.



—Nika Roque/JCB, GMA Integrated News