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Meet the Sparkle 10: A group of beautiful, confident, and empowered women

Ahead of Women's Month, Sparkle GMA Artist unveils the Sparkle 10, a select group 10 female stars who are empowered, self-assured and confident.

They are Ashley Ortega, Angel Guardian, Elle Villanueva, Faith Da Silva, Kate Valdez, Lexi Gonzales, Lianne Valentin, Liezel Lopez, Rabiya Mateo, and Shuvee Etrata.

On Tuesday, Sparkle GMA Artist Center took to social media to share a photo of Sparkle 10 looking sensual and confident in their skin and bodies.

"Sparkle 10 is a showcase of beauty, brains, and talent in all forms. Not sexiness but versatility in whatever roles they tackle," said Lawrence Tan, Sparkle's Consulting Head for Talent Imaging and Marketing. 

They "embody the traits of a modern Filipina woman" who are "here to shift the status quo," adds a statement from Sparkle.

In an Instagram post, Kapuso beauty queen Rabiya Mateo expressed happiness and gratitude for being part of Sparkle 10 "along side amazing and talented women of GMA,” she wrote in the caption, accompanied by a behind-the-scene clip from Sparkle photoshoot. 

According to Sparkle, the public can expect more projects from the 10 ladies this year.

Sparkle 10 is the latest initiative GMA's talent arm. In 2023, it launched the Sparkle Teens.

Sparkle started its annual initiatives in 2022, when launched Sparkada and Sparkle 8, which included Derrick Monasterio, Sanya Lopez and Kapuso celebrity couple Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos. 


— Jade Veronique Yap/LA, GMA Integrated News