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EA Guzman cries during ‘Fast Talk With Boy Abunda’ guesting with Shaira Diaz

EA Guzman couldn't help but turn emotional as he talked about his fiancee Shaira Diaz.

On “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda” Monday, the engaged couple appeared and opened up about their relationship and their engagement that happened back in 2021. 

As Shaira was egging EA about how their relationship evolved in 11 years, EA had a visible change of emotion.

She noticed, and asked him, “Uy, bakit ka umiiyak? Hala umiiyak siya!” 

Still in tears, EA said, "Hindi lang talaga ako makapaniwala na nandito kami sa harap mo ngayon.” 

“Kasi ang tagal na akong iniinterview ni Tito Boy. Ilang beses na. But hindi ko masabi-sabi sa kaniya yung totoo about kay Shaira. But this one, I’m happy na personal mismo na sabihin sayo na ito si Shaira oh. Ito yung dating hindi ko mapagmalaki sayo. Pero ito na siya,” he said. 

“Pinagmamalaki ko yung fiancee ko. Thank you, Tito Boy,” The 34-year-old actor added. 

EA and Shaira celebrated their 11th anniversary as a couple on Saturday. 

Ahead of their anniversary, the couple announced in Unang Hirit on Friday that they have been engaged since December 25, 2021.

They first met at a reality show and then developed feelings for each other after performing at a mall show.

Shaira previously revealed that she wants to marry EA after her college graduation which is scheduled for August.

During a trip to South Korea in 2023, Shaira and EA headed to the N Seoul Tower for the famed love-lock experience and got tattoos together.

— Jade Veronique Yap/LA, GMA Integrated News