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iGMA: Can love overcome betrayal in GMA-7’s Sinner or Saint?

GMA-7 presents a riveting story of love, deceit, and betrayal, completing its latest lineup of afternoon drama programs, with Sinner or Saint. The show begins airing on June 13 after Blusang Itim on GMA Dramarama sa Hapon.

Featuring the promising pair of award-winning actor Dennis Trillo and the newest Kapuso leading lady Bianca King , Sinner or Saint revolves around a couple whose humble dreams are shattered by a tragic incident. Bianca takes on her first lead role as Noemi, a timid and compassionate woman, who, out of love, faces imprisonment for a crime she did not commit. She stars opposite Dennis, who plays Raul, an impoverished but determined law student. For the first time in his television career, Dennis breaks out of the typical “ideal man" role and assumes a conflicted yet distinct character. Aside from being Dennis and Bianca’s first project together, the program also marks the return of internationally-acclaimed actress Alessandra de Rossi in the Kapuso Station as she stars as the beautiful yet deceiving Corrine. Joining them are Polo Ravales as Alvin, an investigative journalist; Timmy Cruz as Sally and Matthew Mendoza as Armand, Noemi’s biological parents; Jenine Desiderio as Celeste, Armand’s second wife; Divina Valencia as Doña Faustina, Armand’s condescending mother; Dexter Doria as Yvette, Noemi’s abusive aunt; Glenda Garcia as Tiling, the mother of Raul; introducing Kim Komatsu as Lourdes, Raul’s younger sister; and Derrick Monasterio as Santi, Corrine’s cousin. In Sinner or Saint, childhood friends-turned-lovers Raul (Dennis Trillo) and Noemi (Bianca King) are set on building a life together. Things go as planned until Raul accidentally kills Noemi’s uncle, risking not only his chances of becoming a lawyer but also Noemi’s hopes of escaping from her cruel relatives. Out of true love and for fear of losing both their dreams, Noemi willingly decides to take the blame for Raul upon the condition that once Raul receives his degree, he will do everything to win her case. Noemi is eventually convicted of murder and is sentenced to serve a long time in prison. Here, she meets Sally (Timmy Cruz), a kind-hearted woman for whom she will feel an unexplainable closeness to. Raul, meanwhile, develops a strong bond with Sally’s stepdaughter Corrine (Alessandra de Rossi). Corrine falls in love with Raul and uses her wealth to manipulate him by helping him with his school tuition. One evening, Corrine, after several attempts at seducing Raul, shares an intimate time with him then demands Raul to marry her. Raul, torn between his love for Noemi and his ambition to become a lawyer, ends up choosing Corrine. Noemi is left devastated but promises to exact revenge on both Raul and Corrine. Noemi also refuses to listen to Sally’s appeal, unaware that a deeper bond may actually exist between them. As she goes through her sorrow, she will soon meet Alvin (Polo Ravales), an investigative journalist, who will help her prove her innocence and who will eventually fall in love with her. How will Noemi come to terms with the tragedies in her life? Will she finally learn to defend herself, and stand up to those have wronged her? Can Raul and Noemi still heal their wounded past, and rebuild a life together? In this story, who is the real saint and who should be considered a sinner? Find out the answers in this original tale of how deceit and betrayal can destroy even the purest of love. Helmed by Don Michael Perez and conceptualized by RJ Nuevas, Sinner or Saint premieres June 13 after Blusang Itim on GMA-7. Sinner or Saint airs worldwide beginning June 17 on GMA Pinoy TV, the flagship international channel of GMA Network. –