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‘Oro’ director, producers get one-year ban for dog slaughter scene

The Metro Manila Film Festival Executive Committee (MMFF ExeCom) on Friday imposed a year-long ban against "Oro" director Alvin Yapan and producers Feliz Guerrero and Shandii Bacolod.

After making the decision in a closed-door meeting, the MMFF ExeCom reiterated their stance against animal cruelty.

The team behind "Oro" was condemned by animal rights group and concerned citizens for their inclusion of a dog killing scene.

Yapan and the producers initially claimed that the death was simulated, but later confessed to filming an actual butchering. In their defense, the filmmakers said that they did "within the bounds of culture" and asserted that they did not kill the dog specifically for the film.

The attempt to deceive the MMFF ExeCom aggravated circumstances, pushing them to hand out appropriate sanctions against Yapan and his producers.

Meanwhile, animal rights group Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is preparing a criminal case against the members of the production team who violated Republic Act 8485 or the Animal Welfare Act.

PAWS is also looking to have Yapan removed from the Director's Guild of the Philippines. —AT/NB, GMA News