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Jon Jon Briones’ daughter Isa in pivotal role in new Star Trek series ‘Picard’

The San Diego Comic-Con, held in the coastal California city on Saturday, promised many good things coming soon for fans everywhere—and one of the most thrilling moments was the unveiling of the first full trailer for "Picard."

The new Star Trek series follows former Enterprise captain Jean-Luc Picard's life after the events of the final Star Trek: The Next Generation feature film, Star Trek: Nemesis (2002).

Picard has retired to his family's vineyard, missing his past life in the stars, when a young woman comes to him for help.

She is portrayed by actress Isa Briones, daughter of Fil-American theater, TV and film actor Jon Jon Briones, and the production seems to be keeping her true identity under wraps.

The Internet Movie Database lists Briones as part of the cast but does not provide her character's name., however, says she will be playing someone called Dahj.

Briones appeared with Stewart during the "Picard" panel at SDCC, where they were joined by another Star Trek favorite, Brent Spiner (Commander Data).

Her proud dad posted about his daughter's casting in the highly anticipated series in April.

"Picard" will premiere in 2020. Watch the trailer below.



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