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Steve Armstrong, Jamie Robinson finally get together in 'Voltes V: Legacy' finale

Spoiler warning for those who have not yet watched the latest episode!

Steve Armstrong and Jamie Robinson are finally together!

In the finale of “Voltes V: Legacy,” Steve, played by Miguel Tanfelix, finally mustered up the courage to express his love for Jamie (Ysabel Ortega).

Surrounded by bright lamp posts, the crew leader confessed his feelings to the Volt Lander pilot, hoping that she also felt the same way.

Jamie followed Steve’s confession with a deep sigh and said, “Finally!”

Steve was struck by a short state of confusion, but a big smile eventually grew on his face as Jamie reciprocated his confession.

After verifying Jamie’s response, Steve couldn’t help but exclaim, “Yes!”

Steve’s confession came after Mark Gordon (Radson Flores) gave up pursuing Jamie.

Before heading home, Mark asked Steve a favor, telling him to take care of Jamie and never let her go.

Mark admitted that he tried to make Jamie happy, but he eventually had to accept that only Steve could do so.

Steve thanked Mark and even gave the Volt Bomber pilot a hug of gratitude.

The fans of “Voltes V: Legacy” have been divided rooting into their own ship: Team Mark or Team Steve.

To take the love triangle tension further, "Voltes V: Legacy" unveiled a love theme titled "Ikaw Sana Ang Nauna" performed by Crystal Paras, who plays Boazanian spy Judy in the series.

But sorry, Mark and Jamie shippers, Team Steve’s ship gets to sail!—LDF, GMA Integrated News