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Juan Karlos reacts to making history as the 1st Filipino to debut in the Top 100 on the global Spotify chart

Juan Karlos ERE

Juan Karlos admitted he didn't know what to feel after he became the first Filipino to debut in the Top 100 of the global Spotify chart over the weekend with his new song "Ere."

In a YouTube video released by U Music Philippines, the content and fan-focused arm of Universal Music Group, Juan Karlos said it hasn't really sunk in.

"It feels interesting," he began. "I definitely am happy for all the people that I've worked with in creating this project and all the people that became part of this project. Everyone from the management and the production and my own team, I, my band, I'm really happy because their success is my success and the other way around as well," he said.

"And for me, I guess hindi pa siya nag-si-sink in," Juan Karlos continued, admitting he's felt this huge pressure "for the longest time" to create something as big as "Buwan."



According to the singer, he caught himself "trying to write the next hit song, and it just felt really wrong." 

"I looked at that very moment of my life when I was making 'Buwan,' and I didn't have that mindset. I was just making a song. I was just putting my feelings and emotions into this particular medium with my small guitar and my vulnerability on the table," he said.

Comparing his song writing process to "Buwan," Juan Karlos said "there were no expectations" then. 

"So sabi ko, why should I change that? Why should I try when that time I didn't, it worked? So that's kind of the same thing that I did for the past projects that I've put out." 

Because he was "just enjoying the process" there were no expectations for the first track off his new album Sad Songs and Bullshit Part 1."

"So, in some sort of way, since I don't have expectations of my songs blowing up, honestly I don't know what to feel. Like woah. It's crazy. Next song," he said steadfastly.



In a separate video on Instagram, Juan Karlos immediately washed off his hands and gave credit to the listeners who pushed his song into the Top 100.

"Oh, that's not my doing. That's the people's doing. I just did my part in creating the song," he said.

"A song wouldn't get anywhere without the people listening. So if you're going to give credit to anyone for beating The Taylor Swift or The Jung Kook that's not me. That's to all the listeners. Sila yon," Juan Karlos added.

Over the weekend, Chart Data reported that "ERE" became "the first Filipino song in history to reach the top 100 on the global Spotify chart" after it was streamed a whopping 1.45 million times. It jumped 90 places to 87.

According to Chart Data Philippines meanwhile, "ERE" became the first song in Spotify Philippines "with multiple days above 1 million streams."



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