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Sarahmania sweeps Candon for her first major concert after US tour

CANDON CITY - The Ilocanos are excited over singer Sarah Geronimo's decision to hold her first major concert for free here at the Darapidap Beach on April 16. Geronimo would be the headliner of "Live in Motion in Ilocandia," which is part of the Tobacco Festival of Candon City. "I am very excited to perform in the North. I wanted to sing here and take a break as well," Geronimo said in an email message to GMANews.TV. "It is very relaxing in Ilocos," she said. Geronimo would be performing in the coastal village of Darapidap with Mark Bautista. "People here and in neighboring towns are very excited that all the beach houses in the area had been booked in advance and people are already reserving their space during the concert," said Ilocos Sur Rep. Eric Singson. Sarahmania has hit the town and it has become the major topic of conversation in the streets and radio stations here. "People had been calling from as far as Pangasinan and Ilocos Norte for tickets," said Arlon Serdenia, manager of DZTP radio here. DZTP has staged the Candonian Idol to highlight Sarah Geronimo's concert here. Extreme Magic Sing is the major sponsor of the event as Geronimo is their image model. Sarah Geronimo romped off with the major awards in the 2008 MYX Music Awards, bagging the Favorite Artist and Favorite Female Artist awards. Her song, Ikaw, won as Favorite Song. Geronimo released "Sarah Geronimo In Motion DVD" on February 27, 2008 and launched her Champions Tour in the US immediately after. In Los Angeles, she recorded with Howie D, a member of The Backstreet Boys. - GMANews.TV