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PEP: Monsour del Rosario wins on his second try as councilor of Makati

On his second try for a seat at the Makati City (District 1) Council, actor-athlete Monsour del Rosario hopes to win it in this year's elections. And his wish was granted since he won a seat among the six city councilors. On the first hours of the election day, May 10, Monsour sent PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) some text messages, expressing optimism about his status as candidate: "I've worked very hard for the past five months, campaigning really hard, three times a day, every day, except Sundays," he said, then adding in jest, "that I felt I became a prostitute..." Monsour ran under the Nacionalista Party (NP)-United Action Team of former Makati Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado, who ran for a mayoralty post. Mercado lost to Jun-jun Binay, son of incumbent Mayor Jejomar Binay. In 2007, Monsour also ran as councilor in the first district of Makati and lost. He ran under the ticket of this year's senatoriable Lito Lapid, who was then running as Makati City mayor. "Thanks for all the support. I appreciate it," he also said. INC ENDORSEMENT. At about 10 in the morning, Monsour was at Brgy. Forbes Park to cast his vote. "Ang daming tao," he told PEP. When asked about the voting turnout, no problems as unexpected delays due to PCOS malfunction or anything was mentioned. Instead, Monsour expressed a bit of disappointment over his non-inclusion in the lineup of candidates endorsed by the religious group, Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC). Earlier, there were talks that the INC has recalled its previous decision on endorsing, for its members' block voting, the candidacy of mayoralty bet Junjun Binay of the PDP-Laban. But no such unexpected turn of events happened, according to Monsour. "INC didn't change their support in favor of Mercado," he said. "INC still support Binay, Peña [independent candidate for vice mayor], Estrella [independent candidate], Yabut and Hilario [both from NP], among others. "If I win this elections, I win it without the INC behind me," Monsour added. "Oh, well, victory will be sweeter for me." A few days ago, PEP asked Monsour about his assessment of his candidacy, or his chances at making it to the winners' circle in the Makati City District 1 Council. The Pinoy taekwondo champion was confident he's going to win in this year's election. "Liyamado ako!" he excitedly told PEP. This time, Monsour expresses the same optimism, although he's turned a bit regretful for not getting the INC nod, unlike some of the candidates. "Sayang lang, I don't think I [can] make it to the top thee because of them [INC)," he said. Nonetheless, Monsour made it this time. - William R. Reyes, PEP