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Louis Partridge talks about chemistry with Millie Bobby Brown on ‘Enola Holmes’

Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge have undeniable chemistry on their upcoming mystery adventure film “Enola Holmes.”

Their secret? Spending as much time as possible off screen, young actor Louis said during a media roundtable interview on Wednesday.

“Spend as much time as possible with the other character, with Millie outside of filming,” said Louis.

The actor said he felt lucky since Millie was also around the same age as he was.

“I did all of my scenes with her, a lot of time, of shoots with her, so much time, and I think that really helped to build this relationship off screen and to then bring on to it,” he said.

Even though Millie was one of the producers of the new Netflix film, Louis said that he still just saw her as his friend, which helped him calm down his nerves.

Another key that helped him, he said, was that he hadn’t watched “Stranger Things,” which prevented him from being starstruck around Millie.

“I haven’t seen ‘Stranger Things,’ which helped me because I didn’t see her as Eleven,” said Louis, referring to Millie’s role on the series.

“I quite liked it that way. I wasn’t quite nervous to meet her which made it easier ... it was quite easy because she’s not in any way entitled or anything. It was really easy to build a relationship with her.”

Millie takes on the lead role Enola, Sherlock and Mycroft’s teenage sister. Aside from outwitting her clever brothers, she crosses paths with Tewksbury, a runaway lord played by Louis.

Directed by Harry Bradbeer, the new film also stars Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin.

Based on the beloved book series by Nancy Springer, “Enola Holmes” will premiere on Netflix Sept. 23. – RC, GMA News