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Now there's even a comic book about Taylor Swift

Now there's even a comic book about Taylor Swift

NEW YORK - Fans who just can't get enough of "queen of pop" Taylor Swift can learn more about her life in an upcoming biographical comic book about the American singer.

Swift features as part of TidalWave Comics' Female Force series on "accomplished and influential figures" across literature, business, entertainment, politics and more.

The 22-page glossy charts Swift's rise to stardom and highlights some of her career achievements.

"Of course Taylor Swift deserves her own comic book," said author Eric M. Esquivel. "She wears colorful tights and fights corporate villains who try to use their money to control her. The only other person who fits that description is Clark Kent ... and even he couldn't have written '1989'."

The book will be released on Dec. 13 and will be available in digital, paperback and hardcover with two covers. — Reuters