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Han So Hee And Ryu Jun Yeol have reportedly broken up

Han So Hee And Ryu Jun Yeol have reportedly broken up

Han So Hee And Ryu Jun Yeol have broken up, Korean media reported on Saturday.

News outlet Edaily wrote that the actors’ split was confirmed on Saturday, just two weeks after So Hee confirmed their relationship.

In an article published on Naver, it was reported that Jun Yeol’s agency said, “It is true that Ryu Jun-yeol broke up with Han So-hee."

"Please understand that we have no other position than to acknowledge the breakup,” the agency added.

So Hee and Jun Yeol have yet to respond to the reports.

As of Saturday afternoon, Han So Hee is trending on X with over 5,000 posts.

The South Korean actors sparked romance rumors after they were spotted together in Hawaii. However, So Hee’s agency said that she was on vacation “with close friends.”

A day after, So Hee confirmed their relationship in a lengthy statement, saying it did not overlap with Jun Yeol’s previous relationship with singer and actress Hyeri.

She shared that they met at an exhibition, and she said hello to Jun Yeol when she heard that they might be working together on a project.

So Hee also apologized about her cryptic Instagram Story, which she posted after Hyeri shared a photo of a vacation spot with the caption, “This is funny.”

She had seemingly responded with a Story of her own, saying, “Explain this situation… I don’t like people who have a significant other, I don’t lead them on while saying we’re just friends, I don’t take an interest in them, I don’t develop a relationship with them, and I don’t get in the way of other people’s relationships.”

However, she now says that her post was "pathetic and lame."

“I should have just stayed still, but even though I didn’t want to see rumors and claims that I started dating [Ryu Jun Yeol] before his breakup, I still saw and heard them, so I temporarily lost all reason and behaved rudely."

So Hee did not name Hyeri but said, “I will apologize to that person regarding this fact, and I sincerely apologize to you all for not reacting wisely. Because I acted based on my emotions rather than rational thinking, I acknowledge that this is completely my fault, regardless of my reasons.” —Carby Basina/JCB, GMA Integrated News