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TXT drops comeback album 'Minisode 3: TOMORROW,' MV for 'Déjà vu'

Tomorrow X Together aka TXT has finally returned with a new era!

Following “The Name Chapter: Freefall,” the K-Pop boygroup just dropped 7 tracks for their sixth mini-album “Minisode 3: Tomorrow.” 

The music video for their lead single, “Déjà vu,” has also been released and features all five members navigating different landscapes on their own. The video ends with all five of them meeting and running together in an open field.

Within 15 minutes of release on YouTube, "Deja vu" has generated more than a whopping 115,000 views.

“Minisode 3: Tomorrow" features other tracks including “Miracle,” “I’ll See You Tomorrow,” “- --- -- --- .-. .-. --- .— (TOMORROW),” and a remix of “Déjà vu.”

The newest release also included two unit songs: “The Killa” with YEONJUN and SOOBIN, and “Quarter Life” with BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN, and HUENINGKAI.

The group, which had a concert in the Philippines last August 2023, is set to open their third concert tour in May with ACT: PROMISE. — Jiselle Anne Casucian/LA, GMA Integrated News

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