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Mayweathers pick Pacquiao over Mosley

It’s no joke, but the same family who loathed Manny Pacquiao is picking him to beat Sugar Shane Mosley for the World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title on Saturday (Sunday in the Philippines). Indirectly making their choice, Floyd Mayweather Sr. and his brother, Roger, are on the same page for a possible Pacquiao victory. Floyd Sr. said that Mosley, 39, should be in the same condition as when he fought Antonio Margarito two years ago in order to beat the world’s top pound-for-pound fighter. "If he trained good enough and hard enough to perform like he did with Margarito in the ring that particular night, then he’s got a chance," said Floyd Sr, who acknowledges Mosley had shown some age especially in his 12-round unanimous decision loss to Floyd Jr. last year. Roger, a former two-time world champion, said that Mosley’s chance of pulling off an upset rests solely on the fight plan laid out for him by trainer Nazeem Richardson. "He’ll still make it a better fight. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t win as a 40-year-old," said Roger, who trains Floyd Jr., inactive for over a year now since his 2010 encounter with Mosley. "It’s a matter of how you attack Pacquiao and that’s the difference." That the Mayweather brothers are on the side of Pacquiao in this rare moment definitely comes as a big surprise. Along with his son, Floyd Jr., the Mayweathers have criticized Pacquiao in the past owing to two failed bids at arranging a fight with the younger Mayweather. Disagreement in the drug testing procedures to be administered for both Pacquiao and Floyd Jr. led to the indefinite shelving of the mammoth promotional fight. This eventually led to accusations by the Mayweathers that the Filipino boxing superstar is using performance-enhancing drugs. Roger, however, is for the materialization of the match. "We’ll see who’s the best fighter in the world, that’s the only way you would know," he said of the fight that many anticipate would go down as the biggest in the history of boxing. Roger, who admits not having watched any Pacquiao fights in his entire life, said the monetary consideration expected to be gained from pitting two of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world should not be put aside. "There’s enough money on the table. It’s a lot of money, so it should happen," he explained. – JVP, GMA News