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Underdog Boxing: Marquez demolishes Ramos, sets sights on Pacquiao

In my last post about Juan Manuel Marquez, I noted that he needed a big win over Likar Ramos. I listed down each and every thing that can go wrong with a tune-up fight like this. Well, Marquez made sure that none of that is going to happen. The best lightweight in the world scored a one punch knockout win over Ramos in the very first round of their fight. Marquez landed a good right hand that had Ramos stumbling to the canvass. The challenger appeared to be knocked out cold. However, the fight was not free from controversy. Other spectators thought that Ramos took a dive. Dan Rafael of ESPN, who was very critical of the outcome, posted a series of comments about the fight via his @danrafael Twitter account. Here are a few of Rafael’s tweets: “Gotta be honest, that did NOT look like a knockout punch that would do such damage. Just did not look that bad. Just being honest." “It was almost like Ramos squeezed his eyes shut. When guys get KO'd COLD like he seemed to be it's because they hit their head. He didn't." “A knockdown on that punch? Sure. Even a KO? Maybe. But out cold, didnt hit head, NO movement, eyes shut tightly? NO WAY. Just being honest." “Maybe Ramos can sign with #WWE?" Looking at the punch that ended it, it indeed looked something that can knock someone down. However, it didn’t appear to be a knockout punch, much less a punch that will knock someone out cold. Marquez is head and shoulders above Ramos in talent but the Colombian is not a patsy. He has only been knocked out once before and that was at the hands of another good fighter in Jorge Solis. Marquez may have had the dominant victory he needed to ensure a third fight with Manny Pacquiao but this tune-up fight didn’t give Marquez the workout that he needed. Fighters who are in tune-up fights often practice combinations that they plan to use in their next fight. They also try to test their stamina by extending the fight until the fifth or sixth rounds then finish their opponent after that point. This tune-up fight did nothing for Marquez because Pacquiao will just laugh at the punch that, and I will use this term loosely, knocked out Ramos. Instead of allowing Marquez to test his current physical state, Ramos basically called it a day after the first strong punch landed. Maybe he thought that he was there to lose and it would make no sense to get punished for more rounds knowing that the result will be the same. The original choice for the tune-up fight, David Diaz, would have at least fought back and to give the people their money’s worth. Anyway, Marquez will finally get his wish for another fight against Pacquiao. The only bad thing about it is that we will all need to wait for around four months before we see them fight again. -- OMG, GMA News