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Conditioning coach Memo Heredia's absence from Casimero camp could be cause for concern, says analyst

The absence of certain key members of Team Casimero could possibly be felt when WBO world bantamweight champion John Riel Casimero defends his title against Paul Butler on December 11, according to veteran boxing analyst Ed Tolentino.

Casimero, reportedly struggling with his weight cut, had a falling out with his handlers prior to his upcoming fight at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai. Missing from his circle right now are MP Promotions President Sean Gibbons, Nonoy Neri, and renowned conditioning coach Memo Heredia.

“I worry that Casimero’s camp is a mess. At this stage in your career, at your peak, you want to keep close to the people who brought you this status of your career. There seem to be so many distractions and issues. The way I see it he accepted this fight just to get over it,” said Tolentino.

“All things normal he is an overwhelming favorite over Butler. The presence of Memo Heredia is going to be a game-changer because he was the one who whipped Casimero into championship form. His presence is very important so I do hope he gets him back to the fold.”

Heredia is most remembered by Filipino fans for getting Juan Manuel Marquez in tip-top shape for his fourth encounter with Manny Pacquiao which ended by a brutal knockout.

Now that the Ormoc City native is catching international attention, the Filipino analyst says it would be in Casimero’s best interest to mend his relationship with his handlers.

“We know he has weight problems. In fact, when he was younger that led to his early losses even his knockout loss, was partly because of his weight issues. I hope this does not manifest this time because he was in a superb condition when he was with the right people,” Tolentino said.

“He needs these people. This is the peak of your career, you are on a roll. Why replace your people when your career is going so well?”

—JMB, GMA News