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Manny Pacquiao bloodies and drops DK Yoo in special exhibition

Boxing’s lone eight-division champion Manny Pacquiao showed glimpses of his renowned speed and power in his six-round exhibition with South Korean martial artist DK Yoo this Sunday at Korea International Exhibition Center in Goyang, South Korea.

Yoo came out jabbing in the opening round while Pacquiao took it easy throwing jabs here and there. Before the round ended, Pacquiao made his power felt with a couple of combinations that landed on the Korean's gloves.

Yoo circled the ring in round two as Pacquiao started to unload his patented left straight. Pacquiao was on the attack in round three, throwing fast combinations to the head and body before landing a hard right hook on top.

Yoo was visibly tired in round 4. Pacquiao was on the attack, throwing hard shots to the midsection and on top that bloodied his opponent’s nose. Yoo then came out showboating in round 5 which enticed Pacquiao to unleash a barrage of punches that hurt the hometown fighter.

A clean left uppercut sent Yoo crashing to the canvas in round 6. He managed to get up, only to get beaten up again by Pacquiao before getting sent to the canvas once more. The referee, however, ruled the second knockdown a slip.

After six two-minute rounds, Pacquiao was declared the winner via unanimous decision though it is important to take note that the bout was merely an exhibition, meaning that the win would not go on Pacquiao’s professional record.

—JMB, GMA Integrated News