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Brunei’s Prince Faiq says they let hotel know of his peanut allergy


The Brunei footballer who had to go to the hospital over the weekend said that they had informed the hotel they were staying at of his peanut allergy.

Prince Faiq Jefri Bolkiah, nephew of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah and a member of Brunei's national football team competing at the 30th Southeast Asian Games, was brought to Manila Doctors Hospital after eating a dish that contained peanuts.

"Because I'm allergic to nuts, we let them know, we let the hotel I'm staying at know that I'm allergic, I mean, I must have ate something that wasn't stated that had nuts in," he said in Mariz Umali's report on 24 Oras on Thursday.

"I went to the hospital, got some medicine, and feel a lot better," he added.

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Brunei football team's head coach on Thursday admitted that he became upset when Bolkiah became indisposed.

"Of course as head coach, I'm a bit upset about it because we prepared, he's fit to play but suddenly, these issues came and it disrupted our plans," said Aminuddin Jumat.

Meanwhile, SEA Games executive chef Bruce Lim said his team had not been informed about the Brunei team captain's peanut allergy.

"We tried to work hand in hand with their nutritionist and their coaches so I'm not sure if they notified us that they have a peanut allergy," he said in a press conference on Wednesday.

"If you notify us and you tell us agad when you guys arrive, any type of dietary restriction or allergen, we will address it," he added.

After the incident, Lim said his team will start triple-checking the dietary requirements of the visiting athletes to prevent this kind of situation.

He added they would also make sure that ingredients of every dish served in all venues will be posted in buffet tables.

Despite the setback, the Brunei team vowed to bounce back and give their all in their remaining games. — Ma. Angelica Garcia/BM, GMA News