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US Pinay wins award for country music

Filipina Apryle Dalmacio wins at the Inland Empire Music Awards held last June in California.- MySpace
MANILA, Philippines - At eight, Filipina-American Apryle Dalmacio was already playing guitar when other girls her age were still dressing up their Barbie dolls. The guitar was a gift from Dalmacio’s mother who had an inkling that Apryle would grow up as a musically gifted child. “Apryle was the loudest baby (in the hospital). You could hear her across the hallway. The surprised nurse asked me if that was my baby crying and I replied ‘yes.’ But she was not crying, she was singing," her mother said in an article posted on Good News Pilipinas. When Apryle turned 13, her parents gave her another guitar, a vintage acoustic that honed her plucking and strumming skills while she was belting out jazz, pop, country, and rock tunes. (Watch her play and sing Beatles’ “Blackbird" song) Success came when Apryle reached her 20s. Dalmacio bagged two major titles – the Best Country and Female Artist Awards – at the 5th Annual Inland Empire Music Awards held last June in Riverside, California. (Watch her sing George Gershwin’s “Our Love is Here to Stay") “I want to thank everyone for supporting me. I am only a few steps from where I can be...where I will be... in a matter of time," she said on her MySpace account. But it wasn’t sheer talent that made Apryle triumphant. Discipline and courage played a big role in her quest for recognition. Since elementary school, Apryle never got tired of joining competitions even when victory seemed distant. She co-directed the award-winning Jurupa Valley High School Chamber Singers. She was also part of the California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) Vocal Jazz Show Choir and the world-touring CSUSB Chamber Singers.

I am only a few steps from where I can be...where I will be.
– Filipina singer Apryle Dalmacio
When she was seventeen, Apryle was among the 2,000 students who were chosen to sing in the Southern California Vocal Association Honor Choir. Dalmacio also received a music scholarship during her senior year in high school. However, when she entered college, Apryle hit a rough patch. She switched majors eight times. “I was going through some confusing and depressing know... the ones about life... and when everyone including yourself asks ‘so what are you going to do with your life now?’" she said. While figuring out what to do, Dalmacio continued her gigs. She went on air at several radio stations and even became a disc jockey at CSUSB’s Coyote Radio. She also joined festivals and charity events and competed in several solo and band competitions where she bagged awards.
Dalmacio finally earns a Communications degree at the CSUSB.- MySpace
In 2008, she performed with several award-winning female artists in Southern California during the Female Acoustic Showcase. Last June, Dalmacio finally earned a degree in Communications. “[I love] the entertainment part of [communications]," she said. She said she considers every step she has taken, including those where she faltered, important experiences in her musical life. "I have learned so much and each step that I have taken has made me who I am today," she said. “I look forward to what God has in store for me the rest of this year and for years to come," she added. Dalmacio is currently working on her debut album “On The Other Side" with Indepth Music. - KIMBERLY JANE TAN, GMANews.TV