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Romualdez to Imee: ‘Hindi po kailangan ng bastusan.’

House Speaker Martin Romualdez responded to the apparent slight by his cousin, Senator Imee Marcos during her opening remarks at a Senate hearing on people’s initiative to amend the 1987 Constitution on Tuesday.

Romualdez issued a statement after the recent comments made by Marcos, saying he is addressing the matter “with the utmost respect and civility that it deserves.”

“Family ties in Philippine politics are deeply rooted, and while differences in opinions are inevitable, it is essential to approach these differences with a spirit of constructive dialogue and mutual respect,” he said.

“The phrase ‘Walang gamot sa kakapalan ng mukha mo’ (There is no cure for your shamelessness), as expressed by Senator Marcos, reflects a passionate stance on issues we both care deeply about. As public servants, our primary focus should always be on the welfare of our constituents and the progress of our nation. It is in this light that I choose to interpret her words as a call to engage more deeply in our shared commitment to serve the Filipino people,” Romualdez said.

Marcos made the statement earlier when she defended the Senate against a statement that it has no business meddling with the people's initiative for Charter change.

“Ang sinoman ang magsabi na walang paki ang Senado sa usaping ito, isa lang ang masasabi ko. Walang gamot sa kakapalan ng mukha mo,” Marcos said in her opening remarks during the Senate’s inquiry into the alleged payoffs in the ongoing people's initiative.

(Whoever says that the Senate has no business in this topic, all I can say is there is no cure for your shamelessness.)

While Marcos did not mention any names, she played video clips and news reports that point to Romualdez and members of the House of Representatives as the ones behind the ongoing people's initiative.

‘No need for rudeness’

The Speaker made a request to the senator, who is also the eldest sister of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.: “Ang pakiusap ko lang kay Senator Imee. Hindi po kailangan ng bastusan. Pinakikinggan tayo ng mga kabataan at hindi magandang ehemplo ang ganito.”

(My request to Senator Imee. There is no need for rudeness. The youth are listening to us and this is not a good example.)

Romualdez, whose support of a people’s initiative to amend the Constitution has drawn opposition from Sen. Marcos, offered that in “the spirit of unity and cooperation,” he is “open to engaging in meaningful discussions with (the senator) to address any concerns and work together for the betterment of our country.”

The Speaker added “It is through open communication and collaboration that we can best serve the interests of our people.”

“Our nation faces many challenges, and it is more crucial than ever that we, as leaders, set an example of respect, understanding, and cooperation. I am committed to maintaining a professional relationship with all my colleagues in the government, including Senator Marcos, as we work towards our common goal of a prosperous and inclusive Philippines”, Romualdez said further.

The Speaker ended his statement with a call to end the bickering amongst his fellow solon.

“Tapusin na po natin ang bangayan. Mag-trabaho na lamang po tayo. Para na rin sa kapakanan ng mga kapwa natin Pilipino.”

(Let's end this bickering. Let us just work. For the welfare of our fellow countrymen.)

Responding to her cousin, Imee said: “Noong sinabi mong walang paki and Senado, ikaw ang unang nambastos. Kapag inugali ang ugali mo, umiiyak ka.”

(When you said the Senate has no say, you were the one who started to be rude. When you get a dose of your own medicine, now you cry.) — Rhoel Fernandez/RSJ, GMA Integrated News