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Construction worker shot dead by security guard during argument along SLEX in Calamba

A construction worker was shot dead during a heated argument with security guards along the South Luzon Expressway in Calamba, Laguna on Saturday.

According to a 24 Oras Weekend report by Mav Gonzales on Sunday, prior to the incident, 32-year-old victim Ronald Santillan was resting just outside the fence of a building with his brother.

In a video taken by a mobile phone, the victim could be seen arguing with two guards who were ordering them to leave.The victim said they were outside the building premises and should be allowed to rest there since they were outside the property.

One of the guards later put on a motorcycle helmet and left. The other guard continued to argue with the brothers. Later on, another guard returned. While both parties were talking one of the guards fired several shots.

Santillan was hit and fell where he stood. The two guards then fled.

Calamba police confirmed that one of the guards was arrested on the same day, while the guard who fired the fatal shots surrendered accompanied by a lawyer.

GMA Integrated News is trying to get comments from the suspects who are scheduled for inquest proceedings on Monday.

The victim will undergo an autopsy as part of the ongoing investigation.—Jiselle Anne Casucian/RF, GMA Integrated News