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Ordinance bans riding in tandem in Mandaluyong except for family 

Starting next month, only first-degree relatives of motorcycle riders will be allowed to ride with them in Mandaluyong City, a report on GMA News' “QRT” said Friday.
This is due to the new ordinance that will be implemented in the city in August.  The ordinance aims to reduce the crimes committed by those riding motorcycles in tandem.

Based on the ordinance, only spouses, parents and siblings will be allowed to be with motorcycle drivers.
Riders must bring their proof of relationship such as marriage certificates and identificaiton cards. Violators who are caught during the six-month trial period will be apprehended, the report said. 
According to Mandaluyong City Mayor Benhur Alabos, officials based the ordinance from a law in Colombia, a country that the report said also had rampant crimes committed by criminals riding in tandem.
From January to March this year there were at least 500 such crimes in Mandaluyong City. This represented a 125 percent increase compared to data from 2013.
Still, opposition came from the Luzon Cycler's Federation, which said the solution should lie with increased police visibility to deter crime in the city.
Meanwhile, the Philippine National Police supported the ordinance and are currently conducting an information campaign in their check points along Shaw Boulevard. —Andrei Medina/NB, GMA News