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Man in hot water for slapping kid inside Cubao elevator


A 35-year-old man is in hot water after he was caught on CCTV slapping a kid with bone disease inside an elevator in a condominium unit in Cubao, Quezon City, GMA News' Ivan Mayrina reported on 24 Oras on Thursday.

Barangay Captain Marciano Buena-Agua of Barangay E. Rodriguez said he summoned the man, Mike Carlos, to his office to explaine why he slapped several times the 11-year-old victim last October 15.

"'Di ako kuntento dun sa nabasa ko. Madali lang magsabi na ipagamot 'yan, pero baka bukas o makalawa, 'di niya ginawa 'yun," Buena-Agua said.

Carlos, a resident in the condominium building, reportedly came to an agreement with the child's mother to pay for the kid's medical needs.

The suspect was seen slapping the child in the CCTV footage once before stepping out of the car. He was then seen entering the elevator again to inflict two heavy slaps on the child.

According to the child, the son of a laundrywoman employed by the condominium, he merely asked if the elevator was heading down when Carlos slapped him.

"Umano na lang po ako, sumandal na lang po ako sa gilid ng elevator. Wala na po akong ginawa," the child said. "'Di ko po puwedeng salagin baka dagdagan pa niya."

The incident will be forwarded to the Violence Against Women and Children Unit of Barangay E. Rodriguez.

Quezon City Police District Station 7 Chief Superintendent Benjie Tremor said Carlos' attack constituted child abuse regardless of the reasoning behind it.

"Ano na 'to ng child abuse, sa Republic Act 7610. Biro, sasampalin mo 11 years old lang. Nakita ko naman dun, wala namang rason para sampalin niya," Tremor said. "Kung nakulitan naman siya, hindi dapat ganun ang trato. Bata 'yan eh."

Carlos said he slapped the kid because was tired and "irriated" and he thought the kid was mocking him.

"It's what it is. And it's wrong, it's very wrong and I hope no one does the same thing. Before you do anything, think first." —Rie Takumi/KBK, GMA News

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