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Victim: Pisay classmates swapped lewd photos online

Lewds photos of some students of the Philippine Science High School (PSHS) and other girls who are not students of the school are spread by swapping.

One of the victims of the scandal now hounding the country's premier science high school said in a report by Saleema Refran on GMA News' 24 Oras that the practice has been going on for years.

"It has been going on for years, probably three to four years, I think.  What they do is... if you want to get access to the other pictures or videos, you have to contribute, that's what they use as pass," the anonymous victim said.

She added, "You trade one or a very few for probably dozens of pictures and videos. So, maybe for them that's a good trade off.  But, they don't take into account what victims feel."

According to the victim, she became aware of her photos being spread around when the school started its investigation.

"It spans across even to the graduated batch, the previous batches and also to the younger batches.  There are some people who aren't even from Pisay, and that's how some people got away scot-free because they didn't involve any girls from Pisay," she said.

The school's graduation rites is scheduled on May 29.

The discipline committee of PSHS recommended not to allow the six students from graduating.  However, the Board of Trustees did not heed the recommendation and included the six students in the list of 228 students who will graduate on Wednesday.

The board merely ordered the erring students to do a 30-day community service and issue a written apology to the victims.

The PSHS executive director did not grant an interview on Monday.

The parents and students of the school continued their protest against the board's decision. —LDF/JST, GMA News