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Grab driver faces complaint for allegedly lifting skirt of passenger

A female passenger has filed a formal complaint against a driver of ride-hailing firm Grab who allegedly tried to lift her skirt while she took a nap at the back of the car on her way home.

"My skirt is below the knee and even if I was asleep, of course I can feel if someone was tugging at my skirt. I rode in the back so why did he even try to touch my skirt? I felt his finger under the skirt as if he was about to peek and that was when I sat up, surprised," read the tweet of the victim as seen in Athena Imperial's report on GMA News TV's State of the Nation with Jessica Soho.

"I acted like nothing happened. The guy tried to talk to me but I tried to speak calmly coz I was really sick & any movement made me puke. I was still registering in my head "Did that happen?" but I know it did coz his hands were supposed to be on the steering wheel, not my skirt," she said in another post.

The passenger took to Twitter to air her grievance after Grab reportedly did not respond immediately to her complaint.

And when it did, the Grab employee who spoke with the passenger's father even asked if she really experienced the incident and inquired why she did not report it sooner.

"I spent over 500 pesos to feel safe and unbothered going home & this guy does this to me," read a portion of the passenger's tweet.

In its response, Grab said that "corrective actions will be made regarding this and the driver may face termination from our platform."

The firm apologized for its late response and for the "inconvenience" and "trauma" the incident caused on the passenger.

Grab drivers interviewed by GMA News appealed to the public not to believe that all of them are bad.

"Isang bulok na kamatis kapag nahalo sa iba, bulok na rin lahat. Huwag naman po sanang isiping lahat kami ganon," Glen Barias said.

"Sana ho huwag kayong madala.  Hindi po lahat ganon," Jeneil Ho, added. —LDF/KBK, GMA News