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Balloon vendor in Manila suffers burns due to a bad prank

A balloon vendor in Pandacan, Manila suffered second degree burns because of a group of pranksters, Raffy Tima reported for GMA News' Saksi.

In a CCTV footage, a group of young people lit one of the balloons and this resulted into a giant fireball.

The balloon seller can be seen coming from beneath the pack of balloons struggling to put off the fire.

It was later learned that the vendor, identified as Oliver Rosales, suffered from second degree burns on his arm and head.

At least seven individuals had been identified to be involved in the incident and five of them are minors, said Celso Esteban, Barangay 842 Chairman.

The group was summoned to the barangay to face the vendor, who suffered from second degree burns.

Earlier, a barangay official said Rosales had agreed to enter into a settlement with the group responsible for the prank. — BAP, GMA News