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Cabbie nabbed after allegedly charging fare without use of meter, taking passengers' luggage

A taxi driver, who tried to charge his fare without using his meter, was arrested when he took his passengers' luggage after they had already alighted from the cab.

According to Marisol Abdurahman's report on "State of the Nation", the victim said he and his wife boarded a taxi at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3.

He said they argued with the driver when he indicated how much he was charging after he did not use the cab meter.

They insisted on getting off the vehicle.

After they did, the driver reportedly continued on his way, taking with him their luggage in the cab.

Some concerned citizens in the area blocked the taxi and the cabbie was arrested. He denied the allegations.

The taxi driver was taken into custody. —Sherylin Untalan/NB, GMA Integrated News