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SC denies Makati’s motion over land dispute with Taguig

The Supreme Court has rejected the Makati City government's motion asking the high court to allow it to file a second motion for reconsideration over its territorial dispute with Taguig City.

In a press release, the SC PIO said its Special Third Division resolved to deny the Makati government’s second omnibus notion.

“Consequently, the Court noted without action the City of Makati’s second motion for reconsideration challenging the Court’s decision dated December 1, 2021. A second motion for reconsideration is generally prohibited under the Rules of Court,” it said.

In its 2021 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the Fort Bonifacio Military Reservation, consisting of parcels 3 and 4, psu-2031, was part of the territory of Taguig City.

The High Court in September 2022 then denied Makati’s motion for reconsideration assailing the 2021 decision.

Meanwhile, the SC also “noted without action” Taguig’s manifestation asking the Court to require Makati and Makati Mayor Abby Binay to show cause why they should not be sanctioned for certain remarks regarding the issue. — BM, GMA Integrated News