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Mikee Quintos, Paul Salas's lawyer calls for crypto group to reach out to his clients

The lawyer of Mikee Quintos and Paul Salas called for the representatives of cryptocurrency group Cronus Holdings Corporation to reach out to their clients.

The celebrity couple and the seven others filed a syndicated estafa case against the company for allegedly scamming them out of P8 million.

Five individuals are named in their complaint: John David Ortiz, Delfin Villaruel Jr., Julian Vincent Parado, Margarita Ortiz-Tan, and Ralph Torres.

"We are determined to pursue this case to ensure the service of justice. No one should be victimized by these ponzi schemes," Atty. Lance Tan said in a statement sent to "Fast Talk With Boy Abunda" on Tuesday.

"To David Ortiz and the rest of the respondents, reach out to us. Otherwise, we will use the power of the law to attain justice for our clients."

Tan previously said his clients are open to reaching a settlement with the respondents, as they are still in their early 20s. One of them is a college student.

"This is syndicated estafa so this is life imprisonment. So sayang din naman. This is no bail. Like I said, sayang din naman, kawawa din naman sila, mga bata pa sila," he said in Jonathan Andal's report on "24 Oras."

Cronus Holdings is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

According to its certificate of incorporation, which was provided by Quintos's camp, Cronus Holdings is not allowed to accept investments without a secondary license from the SEC.

GMA Integrated News reached out to the respondents, but they did not respond to calls and messages. They were also not available in their offices.

—MGP, GMA Integrated News