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German tourist releases 'full video' with tricycle driver

The German content creator involved in a viral incident of alleged overcharging by a tricycle driver in Binondo, Manila denied he offered to pay the fare worth P1,000.

Saygin Lost's 40-minute-video showed he was told that the fare would cost him P250 even before boarding the vehicle at Soler Street, according to a “24 Oras” report on Monday. 

After arriving at his destination, the tricycle driver was charging the tourist P1,500. The German haggled for a lower fare until they reached the initial amount of 250.

“It’s not about the money, it’s about the principle. He stormed me, he scared me. I don’t have any problem to pay the amount of price but he tried to scare me. I’m not angry to him because he only tried to survive, maybe. I understand him but when you are honest, you’ll earn more money, you’ll earn more and you’ll be more successful in life. Don’t scare them,” Saygin said. 

The tricycle driver earlier said the video posted was edited, saying the video did not show the entire story of their discussion about the fare they agreed upon. — Sundy Locus/BAP, GMA Integrated News