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Arroyo orders Senga to ‘resolve’ Fort Bonifacio crisis

President Arroyo ordered Armed Forces chief Gen. Generoso Senga to immediately resolve the “crisis" caused by Marine Col. Ariel Querubin at the Philippine Marine Corps headquarters in Fort Bonifacio. “The latest instruction (from the President) is to resolve this matter among ourselves and do it as fast as possible and do it as peacefully as possible," Senga said. Senga appealed to Querubin to stand down for the military to resolve disagreements in connection with the relief of Marine commandant Maj. Gen. Renato Miranda. “I am appealing to Col. Querubin that whatever is his disagreement with the decision is not supposed to be resolved through the media, calling for people’s support (and) causing this incident to happen," Senga said. “We have, time and again, said that there is a grievance system in the [Armed Forces of the Philippines]," he added. Senga said Querubin should have made an official statement or official concern through official communication. “This issue could be resolved without going through this exercise, which has been causing undue alarm to the public," Senga said. Senga also appealed to the people who have converged inside the Marine headquarters to disperse and allow the military to settle the ‘crisis" peacefully. He assured that Querubin is “under the protection" of the AFP. “We are appealing to the people to remain calm, give us the opportunity to resolve the situation that we are confronting there are the Philippine Marines among ourselves. If possible, allow us to resolve this peacefully, in a calm way," Senga said. Senga said the military’s chain of command is intact. “I have just talked with the service commanders and I’m in touch with them. Their report to me is that the soldiery, down the line, is abiding by the chain of command, from here at general headquarters down the line" he said. “I have also talked to the AFP sergeant major, Chief Master Sergeant Mario Gabriel, and he is touch with his fellow sergeant majors. He said that the soldiers want this situation resolved peacefully," Senga said. - GMANews.TV