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After fleeing abroad, Ramona says Ramgen's aide did it

The aide did it. That's now the contention of murder suspect Ramona Bautista after she fled the country Friday in the wake of police charges that she was a mastermind along with her brother RJ of their eldest sibling Ramgen's killing. Her half-brother, Senator Bong Revilla, has asked the PNP to seek Interpol's help in returning Ramona to the Philippines. A video recording of Ramona denying complicity in Ramgen’s murder aired on cable channel ANC on Saturday. She also claimed it was Ramgen’s personal assistant , Ronaldo Ancajas, who had the opportunity to commit the October 28 murder. She said Ramgen’s assistant has access to their Parañaque residence. In the video, Ramona, 21, made what seemed to be extemporaneous statements, but she was, at times, also reading from prepared notes, which were visible on camera. “Na-witness ko po ang brutal na pagkapatay ng aking kapatid," she said. She said she was in the house to get a video tape for one of her brothers and that she came upon a masked man while she was there. Ramona said it was Janelle who opened the door of Ramgen’s room. “Hindi po ako ang nagbukas ng pinto. Si Janelle po," Ramona claimed. She said she made up the story that she was kidnapped because she was ashamed that she left the house and was unable to help her brother and Janelle. “Gumawa po ako ng maliit na storya dahil nahiya po ako," Ramona said. She denied any sibling feud, saying they only had minor disagreements. Ramona also said she is married and was a resident of some other country. Her half-brother Senator Bong Revilla has previously said Ramona married a Turk when she was 19, upsetting their screen legend father, Ramon Revilla Sr. Bong Revilla wants Ramona back in country Meanwhile, Senator Bong Revilla has asked the Department of Foreign Affairs and Philippine National Police to exert efforts to bring Ramona, his half-sister, back to the country to face the murder and frustrated murder charges against her. Revilla called on the PNP to “coordinate with Interpol." Revilla issued another statement, posted on the Philippine Senate website, where he asked “the police to go much deeper in their investigation on the death of my late brother Ramgen Revilla and the frustrated murder of his girlfriend Janelle Manahan." “The unwarranted flight of Ramona Bautista is a sign of guilt that she has knowledge and direct participation in the commission of the crime. If there are others involved, be they my half brothers and sisters, they must bear the full force and weight of the law and suffer the penultimate consequences of their involvement either as principals, accomplices, or accessories, as the case may be," the senator said. He and his half siblings share the same father, Ramon Revilla Sr. The DFA and PNP may be stymied, at least over the next few days, because the Parañaque City Prosecutor’s Office has not yet begun its preliminary investigation of the inquest charges police filed against full siblings Ramon Joseph “RJ" Bautista and Ramona Bautista. The soonest the Parañaque prosecutors can take action may be Tuesday because there are no government offices on Monday, November 7, on account of the Eid’l Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) national holiday Ramgen girlfriend's account Last Thursday, Task Force Ramgen head Chief Superintendent Enrique Sy said Janelle Manahan, who survived the attack, recounted to the police how masked gunmen entered her boyfriend’s home on Friday night minutes after she opened the door for Ram’s sister, Ramona Bautista. “Nakuhanan na rin namin siya [Manahan] ng pahayag at lalong tumibay ang kaso namin laban kay Ramona," he said in an interview with GMA News. Sy likewise quoted Manahan as saying that she asked Ramona to call an ambulance after the shooting, but Ramona allegedly never came back. “Hiningan niya ng tulong si Ramona sa loob ng kwarto nila noong may tama na sila ng bala. Pagkatapos ng insidente, pinakukuha niya ng ambulansya at tulong pero hindi na bumalik si Ramona," he said. In a sworn statement, Ronaldo Ancajas, Ram’s stay-in personal assistant, said the victim and his two siblings, RJ and Ramona, had not been on speaking terms for the past several months due to a disagreement over money, said to be a sizable monthly allowance from their father Ramon Revilla Sr. “Ang alam ko ay matagal nang may tampuhan sila tungkol sa budget ng bahay, dahil si boss Ramgen ang humahawak at sinisiraan daw siya sa daddy nila, at mga ilang buwan din silang hindi nagkikibuan," Ancajas said in his statement, a copy of which was obtained by GMA News. Ram’s personal assistant said he was with the victim minutes before the killing, but went upstairs to his room for a nap. He claimed that when he woke up, he saw Ram’s two siblings making their way out of the subdivision where he and Ram live. “Nakaidlip ako dahil sa pagod at puyat at mga ilang minuto, bigla akong nagising. Pagsilip ko sa bintana ng kwarto ko ay nakita ko si Joseph na naglalakad palabas ng gate ng subdivision. Mga ilang minuto, sumunod naman si Mara (Ramona)," he said. — ELR/HS, GMA News