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Sara explains campaign photo with Noy, Mar, cries black propaganda

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio on Saturday once again took to social media her response to another  "black propaganda" from political adversaries.

This time, the mayor and daughter of the president slammed a photo posted by Facebook user Injustigram that shows her and then mayor Rodrigo Duterte in a campaign float of former president Benigno Aquino III and former vice presidential candidate Mar Roxas.

In a Facebook post that has been shared more than 13,000 times hours after it was posted, Duterte-Carpio said she was wearing a blue shirt in the photo in support of Roxas, who she said sought her help to get votes in Davao City for the 2010 elections.

Injustigram post:

Sara post:

In the photo, Mayor Rodrigo was wearing a striped blue shirt—Injustigram captioned the said photo "#ThrowbackThursday: The original dilawans: Rody Duterte and Inday Sara Duterte."

Injustigram's posts are markedly critical of government officials.

Sara noted that she "never received a single peso for my help to them, check nyo resibo ni Aquino at Roxas."

She also cried black propaganda in response to the post.

"Juicekow parang nasa election pa rin tayo ano? Black propaganda ang peg," she wrote.

Moreover, Sara said the parade where she and then Mayor Duterte were seen was a "dud" compared to her father's campaign parades.

"Wala nga iyong kandidato doon, sticker ng mukha lang niya sa bus pero you should have seen the people who went out and helped us." 

"You want to bring this country down with PRD [President Rodrigo Duterte] kasi gusto niyo kayo lang. When I look at the videos and pictures of your yellow senators, natatawa ako sa ambisyon niyo," she added. 

The daughter of the president's latest post was, aside from being a rebuttal to Injustigram's post, filled with other remarks and stories about different political personalities, including Manila Mayor and former president Joseph Estrada.

Her comments about former President Noynoy Aquino, "Of course we all know, there is something off with PNoy. Roxas is intelligent, PNoy among other things, is not." 

The incumbent Davao City mayor claimed that she has at least two anecdotes about "what is off" with Aquino, but that she would reserve them for when another photo against her comes out. She added she has "anecdotes" about Roxas, broadcaster Korina Sanchez and TV personality Kris Aquino as well.

She ended her rant with an offer to be a consultant for the Duterte family's critics.

"Hire niyo ako consultant para manalo kayo ng hindi dahil sa pandaraya. Magastos mandaya, mas mura consultancy ko," she said.

This latest Facebook post is Sara's third social media tirade in three days. It started on Thursday, when she called out opposition senators for being "opportunists" and continued on Friday, when she challenged Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to prove his claims about the first family's wealth.

The subjects of her remarks, all of them opposition figures, had responded in separate statements. —LBG, GMA News