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Aegis Juris member Marc Ventura reveals names of people allegedly in Atio hazing rites

On Wednesday, Marc Ventura went to the DOJ to execute an affidavit about the hazing incident in exchange for his inclusion in the WPP. <b>DOJ</b>
On Wednesday, Marc Ventura went to the DOJ to execute an affidavit about the hazing incident in exchange for his inclusion in the WPP. DOJ

Marc Anthony Ventura, a suspect-turned-witness in the hazing death of Horacio “Atio” Castillo III, tagged 23 individuals allegedly present in the initiation rites for the freshman law student on September 17.

Citing Ventura’s six-page affidavit filed with the Department of Justice, Super Radyo dzBB’s Cecil Villarosa said Thursday the individuals present at the hazing rites conducted at the Aegis Juris fraternity library in Sampaloc, Manila were the following:

  • Edric Pilapil
  • Zach Abulencia
  • Daniel Ragos
  • Dave Felix
  • Sam Cagalingan
  • Alex Cairo
  • Luis Kapulong
  • Kim Cyrill Roque
  • Ged Villanueva
  • Arvin Balag
  • Ralph Trangia
  • Oliver John Audrey Onofre
  • Mhin Wei Chan
  • Daniel Hans Matthew Rodrigo
  • Karl Matthew Villanueva
  • Joshua Joriel Macabali
  • Axel Munro Hipe
  • Marcelino Bagtang
  • Zimon Padro
  • Jose Miguel Salamat
  • Leo Lalusis
  • Alex Bose
  • Robin Ramos

Ventura also reportedly saw a female companion of Bose in the initiation rites.

He said Abulencia, Ragos, Cagalingan, Cairo, Kapulong and Pilapil were among those who punched Atio’s arms.

Ventura recalled that Atio had to sing the Aegean Hymn while the latter was being hit by the fraternity members.

The former Aegis Juris secretary said the frat members, including himself, took part in the process of hitting Atio’s arms with a wooden spatula supposedly to calm the student’s muscles which swelled due to repeated punching.

At one point during the initiation rites, the fraternity members allegedly tried to wake an unconscious Atio with candle drippings but to no avail.

According to Ventura, the initiation rites started at 2 a.m. of September 17 with a prayer, hoping that nothing untoward would happen during the process.

Atio was also required by the fraternity to do some stretching.

Meanwhile, Trangia’s legal counsel, Katrin Jessica Distor of Gargantiel Ilagan & Atanante law firm, said they have yet to receive a copy of Ventura’s affidavit.

“Unless and until we receive the official copy of Mr. Ventura’s affidavit, our firm would prefer not to comment on the matter,” Distor told GMA News Online.

Ventura, who is facing charges for murder, robbery, violation of the Anti-Hazing Law, perjury and obstruction of justice, is now under the government’s Witness Protection Program.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II said Ventura will eventually be dropped as one of the respondents in the complaints filed by the Manila Police District and the Castillo’s parents which are currently undergoing preliminary investigation by the three-person panel of prosecutors. — with Kathrina Charmaine Alvarez/MDM/RSJ, GMA News