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‘Fake news,’ Trillanes says on alleged ‘little narco’ tag by Trump

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Wednesday tagged as “fake news” a newspaper column which claimed that he was referred to as a “little narco” by US President Donald Trump.

In a text message, Trillanes said: “That's fake news. They can't even cite the news outfit that conducted the interview.”

“In the first place, those senior US government officials would not meet with me if I had dubious credentials,” the senator added.

A Philippine Star column with the title “A major embarrassment” claimed that Trillanes was called by Trump as “the little narco [who] met with Senator Marco.”

Trump supposedly made the remark to a reporter “while onboard Air Force One.”

Trillanes met with US Senator Marco Rubio last month. Rubio confirmed the meeting, saying they discussed “US-Philippines alliance, combating corruption, and protecting human rights amid their narcotics crisis.”

Trillanes also slammed RJ Nieto, who runs the blog “Thinking Pinoy,” for sharing the supposed fake news on his Facebook page.

“It goes to show that this RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy is not thinking after all,” Trillanes said.

“Besides, a significant remark like that would have been captured by mainstream media and not released through bloggers, fake news websites and tabloid columns. Let us be more discerning about these things,” he added.

On his page, Nieto said he was “feeling surprised” over the news that Trump called Trillanes a “drug lord.”

“Does Trump's government know something?” Nieto, a staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, said. Nieto posted the Philippine Star column as one of his post's sources. —KG, GMA News