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Paolo Duterte scolds Isabelle on Facebook: You are a disgrace

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The controversy over Isabelle Duterte's photo shoot in Malacañang has yet to blow over but her father Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte may have started yet another with a Facebook post publicly scolding her on Friday.

President Rodrigo Duterte's eldest son responded to tweets by his daughter. He included screenshots of the tweets on his Facebook post.

“I won’t keep quiet after that person pimped you twice! And if your mom and stepdad don’t care about you, I’m not like them! Not because I’m a Duterte but because I am a father!!! Change your last name if you want to! You don’t know how to respect! You are a disgrace,”Paolo said mostly in Visayan.

Duterte did not elaborate on what he meant exactly by that “bugaw” line in his post.

“Go to school first so your brain won’t be empty. You no longer know how to listen because you’re supposedly popular? Popular on what Belle? Popular on disrespecting your father??! Just wait for my death so you will be free from me! Pray for it, woman," Paolo said.

Paolo appeared to be quite aware of the gravity of his post. He said making the issue public was the only way to make his daughter listen to him.

In fact, the post received almost 6,000 reactions and was shared 3,000 times three hours after it was posted.

“I know all of us will be humiliated because of this post. But this is what you want! Let’s talk here because you’re a supposed millennial. You only listen to your number of likes,” Paolo said.

“Well, I don’t care if I have a position or I will be humiliated, you are my daughter! I don’t care of other people if this is the only way you will learn from your actions,” he added.

Attached to the post are two screenshots of Isabelle’s supposed tweets. Isabelle's Twitter account is not public.

Her first tweet was about a powerful Duterte who beat up a child.

“Even if you have a position in the city, you can’t beat up a person! Even if you have power, you can’t hurt another person!!! You are hurting a human being!!! Not just human being, but a child!!! Even if you have a name, you can’t do things like that!!! Even if you’re a Duterte, that is not acceptable,” she said.

But in the second tweet Duterte posted, Isabelle mentioned her dad.

“My dad f— up my christmas every year. What a time to be alive,” she tweeted.

Before ending his post, Duterte told her daughter: “FIX YOUR F— LIFE FIRST before i will stop “f— up” your christmas every year.”

Duterte continued to lecture his daughter in the comment section of his post.

“Nagkatawa ko sa iyang tweet oi!! Every year gyud unsa kaha iyang Christmas atong 1 year old siya ataya oi [Her tweet really makes me laugh!!! Really every year[?] I wonder what was her Christmas like when she was one year old.],” Paolo said.

He even urged the Yellows to chime in.

“Pasikatin ang gustong sumikat....magpakasawa kayo mga dilawan. Hahaha," Paolo said.

Paolo also reminded his followers to like his post so he would win over his “millennial” daughter.


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