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PNP releases supplemental anti-drug operations guidelines

The Philippine National Police on Friday released to its members the supplemental guidelines for the conduct of Oplan Tokhang and other anti-drug operations.

Director Camilo Pancratius Cascolan, PNP Directorate for Operations head, said the the deputy regional director for operations and executive officers of Directorate for Integrated Police Operations have attended the orientation regarding the guidelines.

“(We discussed) the supplemental guidelines for Double Barrel and Tokhang. We expect them to follow procedures and respect human rights,” Cascolan said in a text message to GMA News Online.

He said the officials who attended the orientation were tasked to orient their respective Tokhang teams and drug enforcement units for the resumption of the war on drugs on Monday.

“(We expect them to do it) ASAP (as soon as possible) so that we all implement it on Monday,” Cascolan said.

In a memorandum, Cascolan said the issuance of the supplemental operational guidelines for Tokhang operations was meant to ensure that earlier lapses in the implementation of anti-drug operations “will not be repeated."

These include alleged violation of human rights and deaths of suspected illegal drug personalities, he said.

Cascolan said supplemental guidelines for the conduct of anti-illegal drug operations would stress accountability among the members of the Drug Enforcement Units that will be created.

Both the guidelines for Tokhang and anti-illegal drug operations state a one-strike policy or immediate relief of the heads of the police units that will be found lacking in properly implementing the rules of the operations. —NB, GMA News