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Raps urged vs. online dating firm Pick-Up Artists Academy

A group opposed to sexual harassment has lashed out at an online dating company for allegedly "breeding sexual predators.”

Youth Against Sexual Harassment (YASH) decried Pick-Up Artists (PUA) Academy following a number of complaints from women.

“Very alarming po how systematic the misogyny is. So that’s why we decided to pick up the story, to investigate and expose PUA academy,” YASH founder and convenor  Alex Castro told GMA News.

Castro said PUA Academy was set up like a veritable school with teachers, coaches, seminars and tutorial videos that were "really heavy on how to get laid.”

Members pay a certain amount for step-by-step dating techniques.

According to YASH, women are derisively called in the PUA Academy as “sets.”

The word “game” is used to refer to the whole process—from getting a woman’s attention to bringing her to bed.

Castro said the worst part was asking members to post a “lay report” on the PUA Academy's Facebook page, which has over 21,000 followers.

A few nude photos and sex videos of unsuspecting women have been purportedly uploaded by PUA Academy members.

“PUA Academy is possibly breeding sexual predators and violators of women’s rights,” Castro said.

YASH has called on the government to look into the illicit operation of PUA Academy.

"There were actually a lot of possible crimes that PUA academy members have committed. We want the orgnization to dissolve itself," Castro said.

Sein Meneses, who claims to be the CEO of PUA Academy, admitted that a few lewd visuals recorded by some members as “validation” made their way on their facebook page, but had already been taken down, and uploaders banned.

“We are here to apologize,” Meneses told GMA News.

But Meneses denied encouraging sexual predators.

"If you go to our seminars it's not about getting laid. It's not about women actually,” Meneses said.

Seminars are about training men to be confident in dealing with women, he added.

But some of the materials on the Facebook page tell a different story.

In one of the videos, a speaker is seen and heard telling an intently listening male audience, “Pag nasa hotel kayo o bahay n'yo don't, again, don’t seduce her right away especially kung may hesitation.”

In a phone interview, NBI Cybercrime Division chief Attorney Manuel Eduarte said the unit would investigate the allegations against PUA Academy.

He also appealed to the victims to come forward and file complaints.

"We are here to answer all questions kahit NBI po,” Meneses said. —NB, GMA News