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AFP rebukes Joma: Reds can’t unsettle a commander in chief

The Armed Forces of the Philippines on Friday rebuked Communist Party founding chairman Jose Maria Sison, stressing that while many peace talks have failed in the past, "no rebel group has ever come close to succeeding in ousting a sitting President."

Colonel Edgard Arevalo issued the statement following Sison's pronouncement that "the broad united front of patriotic and progressive forces and the people's war are advancing and can oust the Duterte regime in due time."

"There have been peace talks after another that have failed in the past. And every each time, they were trying to oust the President—but never came close enough to at least unsettle a commander in chief," Arevalo said.

He added that members of the outlawed New People's Army (NPA), the armed wing of the CPP, continue to "surrender in droves."

"We do not know where Mr. Sison derives his temerity to make such a threat when members of the terrorist NPA continue to surrender in droves in the face of the AFP’s tactical, intelligence, and civil-military operations that enjoy the support of the Filipino people," Arevalo said.

The Duterte administration earlier announced the cancellation of the resumption of the formal peace negotiations with the communists which was supposed to take  place in Norway on June 28.  — RSJ, GMA News