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Duterte is PHL's drug overlord for protecting Lapeña, Faeldon —CPP

The transfers of former Customs Commissioners Nicanor Faeldon and Isidro Lapeña to other government posts amid accusations of drug smuggling paints a picture of President Rodrigo Duterte being the lord of illegal drug lords in the Philippines, the Communist Party of the Philippines said Saturday.

In a statement, the CPP said that the public has the right to question Lapeña's "promotion" to Duterte's Cabinet as the new head of the TESDA (Technical Education ang Skills Development Authority), despite criticism over the P11-billion illegal drugs that slipped past the Bureau of Customs (BOC) under his watch.

The CPP said the issue "reignites" an earlier question pertaining to the appointment of Faeldon, Lapeña's predecessor, as the head to the Bureau of Corrections, and other government posts prior to that, despite being indicted over the P6.4-billion drug shipment that entered the country during his stint as Customs Commissioner.

"Indeed, by continuing to support Lapeña and Faeldon with government appointments, Duterte is making himself appear to be rewarding the two for having allowed the large shipments of shabu from China, keeping them close, ensuring their loyalty and silence," the statement said.

"Duterte's actions give the people a clear picture how he himself is lording it over the illegal drug trade in the Philippines. He has been protecting the big shabu smugglers which include his son and son-in-law and in fact managing it through his appointees in the BoC," it added.

"He is, in fact, the country's drug overlord presiding over the Philippine narco-government." —Margaret Claire Layug/LBG, GMA News