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Chinese woman who threw taho at cop insulted all Pinoys — Robredo

The Chinese woman who threw taho all over a police officer at an MRT3 station insulted not only the officer but the Philippines and Filipinos in general, Vice President Leni Robredo said.

In her weekly radio show, Robredo denounced the disrespect shown by the Chinese national, identified as 23-year-old Jiale Zhang.

“Hindi lang pambabastos sa pulis, pero pambabastos ito sa bansa natin,” Robredo said.

The management of the MRT3 implemented more stringent security measures on the rail system, including a ban on liquids, after it received a bomb threat about three weeks before the Jolo blasts in Sulu on January 27.

MRT authorities said Zhang entered Boni Station's baggage inspection area on Saturday morning, where security personnel asked her to consume the taho in her bag first before she could be allowed in. She, however, refused to do so.

Security then called PO1 William Cristobal to explain to Zhang the policy on liquid substances. In a fit of anger, Zhang threw the taho at Cristobal.

Robredo said that foreigners of all nationalities should show respect to the Philippines and its people, especially with the hospitality being extended to them by Filipinos.

The Vice President, however, also raised concerns over the supposed special treatment given to Chinese over Filipinos, including for local jobs.

This, Robredo said, may have caused some of them to think they can show disrespect to Filipinos.

“[W]ake-up call iyon sa ating lahat. Ano ba talaga? Maraming reklamo na iyong mga trabahong dapat sana sa Pilipino, nabibigay pa sa Instik. Tapos ito pa, parang kinakalinga natin sila tapos binabastos nila tayo,” Robredo said.

China has laid claim to almost the entire South China Sea, including territories within the Philippines' exclusive economic zone. The Philippines won its case against China's claims at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague—a decision that China refuses to recognize and the Duterte administration has apparently set aside.

Zhang faces charges of direct assault, disobedience to agent of person in authority, and unjust vexation.

She is currently detained at the Mandaluyong Police headquarters. — Erwin Colcol/BM, GMA News

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