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New Navy chief: We will show the flag in the West Philippine Sea

Newly-designated Philippine Navy chief Rear Admiral Giovanni Carlo Bacordo on Monday vowed to strongly assert the Philippines’ sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea.

Speaking to reporters after the Navy’s change of command ceremony, Bacordo said he was tasked by President Rodrigo Duterte to “take good care of this country.”

Bacordo said the directive includes protecting the Philippines’ territorial rights in the West Philippine Sea.

“That we will continue to establish the Navy presence in the West Philippine Sea, that we will continue to maintain the occupied features of the West Philippine Sea...” Bacordo said.

“That we will continue to replenish and rotate our personnel in the West Philippine Sea and at all time, we will show the flag in the West Philippine Sea,” he added.

The previous leadership of the Navy was faced with challenges including the incursion of Chinese vessels within the Philippine territory.

Bacordo is the 38th Flag Officer in Command of the Navy. He belongs to the Philippine Military Academy “Hinirang” Class of 1987.

Aside from protecting the nation’s interest in the resource-rich region, Bacordo also vowed to continue the modernization efforts of the Navy.

“We shall be a modern, multi-capable naval force responsive to our maritime nation’s defense and development,” Bacordo said. —LDF, GMA News