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CHR denounces broadcaster's slay in Dumaguete

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on Wednesday denounced attacks against media professionals after a radio broadcaster was shot dead in Dumaguete.City.

CHR spokesperson Jacqueline de Guia said that around 150 media attacks and assaults have been recorded in the Philippines from June 2016 to December 2019.

"These violence and similar attacks to journalists signify an erosion of free press and undermining of democracy," Guia said in a statement.

"Journalists deserve the utmost protection for they fuel our democracy. Without the information, education, and truth-probing enabled by a free press, other freedoms we enjoy may be in peril," she added.

On Tuesday night, 48-year-old Cornelio Pepino was killed by unidentified motorcycle-riding suspects in Villa Amada along North Road at Barangay Daro.

Guia said that a "swift investigation" was necessary to ensure that the suspects will be held accountable. Meanwhile, the CHR-Region VII will investigate and monitor the resolution of the case.

"To ensure long-term protection for members of the press, we reiterate our call to the government to establish safeguards to prevent further media attacks," she said. -NB, GMA News