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Mayors send strong signal for constitutional reforms –DILG

The Department of the Interior and the Local Government (DILG) on Saturday welcomed the League of Municipalities (LMP) support on the administration's agenda to make amendments to the 1987 Constitution.

In a statement, the DILG said that this sent a "strong signal that local governments are clamoring for real change" especially amid the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.

“The municipal mayors themselves have spoken and recognized the urgency of amending the constitution because they recognize the greater need for regional development," Secretary Eduardo Año said.

According to the secretary, the support provided the push the DILG needed for its constitutional reform campaign. The campaign will be launched with the opening of the 2nd Regular Session of Congress.

“The pandemic has clearly shown us that unequal economic development across regions is a grave problem not only socio-economic wise but also health and governance-wise," he said.

"Thus, part of the long-term solution to this problem are amendments to the constitution as proposed in the CORE campaign of the DILG,” he added.  

DILG spokesperson Jonathan Malaya, meanwhile, extended his thanks to the mayors.

“We thank the mayors for their support. They know very well the situation on the ground and they recognize that only through constitutional amendments will they be given more powers and resources to manage their localities and serve their constituents well, especially during a pandemic,” he said.

According to Malaya, the COVID-19 pandemic showed that financial resources must be spread out from across the country to local government units.

“The fiscal strengthening of local governments proposed under the CORE campaign is an idea whose time has come,” he said.

This week, LMP President Chavit Singson turned over to Ano the LMP's resolution which supported the amendments to the constitution.  — DVM, GMA News