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Duterte claims he offered to resign as president over corruption ‘kasi nagsawa na ako’

President Rodrigo Duterte said he has offered to step down from his post frustrated over the rampant corruption in the country.

"Ewan ko kung sabihin ko ito sa inyo, I offered to resign as president, sabi ko nagsasawa na ako," he said in a recorded address on Monday night.

Since he joined government as prosecutor, mayor and then as president in 2016, Duterte said he has seen that corruption could not be stopped.

"Talagang wala nang katapusan itong corruption, mahirap talagang pigilin," he added.

"Even with the investigation or the clamor for government to shake the tree, wala, hanggang ngayon it's being committed every day.  Can you stop it?  You cannot, there is no way," he added.

Duterte named the Land Registration Authority as one of the agencies "notorious even in the provinces."

He said he handled several cases against its officials when he was prosecutor in Davao City.—LDF, GMA News