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Jolo cops indicted over shooting of Army men in June

Nine policemen were indicted for murder and planting of evidence over their killing of four soldiers in a shooting incident in Jolo, Sulu last June, the Department of Justice (DOJ) said Tuesday.

The DOJ said probable cause for four counts of murder and planting of evidence were found against the following:

  • Police Senior Master Sergeant Abdelzhimar H Padjiri
  • Police Master Sergeant Hanie U. Baddiri
  • Police Staff Sergeant Iskandar I. Susulan
  • Police Staff Sergeant Ernisar P. Sappal
  • Police Corporal Sulki M. Andaki
  • Patrolman Mohammad Nur E. Pasani
  • Police Staff Sergeant Almudzrin M. Hadjaruddin
  • Patrolman Alkajal J. Mandangan
  • Patrolman Rajiv G. Putalan

“The victims were unarmed, unsuspecting and were not in a position to defend themselves when they were shot,” the DOJ said.

It added that a qualitative test showed that “respondents planted the firearm to cover up for the intentional killing of the victims.”

The DOJ said a firearm was “purposely placed and planted” near the left hand of Major Marvin Indammog, one of the victims, who was right-handed.

Meanwhile, the neglect of duty charge against the superiors of the nine cops, Police Colonel Michael Bawayan, Jr., Police Major Walter W. Annayo, and Police Captain Ariel J. Corcino, were dismissed.

“Under Section 4 of Executive Order No. 226, the violators ‘shall be held administratively accountable.’ It follows therefore, that the investigation of the criminal liability of the three respondents does not belong to this Office,” the DOJ said.

The four Army men were killed in Barangay Walled City on June 29 in what police initially described as a “misencounter” but later said was a shooting incident.

The National Bureau of Investigation filed criminal complaints against the nine policemen in July.

It was only on January 1 when the dismissal of the nine cops from service was approved. -NB, GMA News